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Anambra Election: Azuka Okwuosa Beats Opposition In Online Poll

Leading APC governorship aspirant Hon Azuka Okwuosa is commanding strong support and admiration through his online campaign for a better Anambra.

IGBERE TV reports that Hon. Okwuosa has inspired residents, indigenes and well-wishers of the state to believe in the possibilities and latent resources that lie within the state and polls have shown that more than any other aspirant for the Anambra 2021 governorship, he has used the online space, especially the social media platforms, to illustrate his dreams for Anambra to Anambrarians while outlining his plans to bring the dreams to reality.

The online poll shows that 40.2% of the electorate has chosen Azuka Okwuosa as the most preferred APC candidate for the 2021 gubernatorial elections in Anambra. It is a strong number in favour of the former commissioner for works and transportation. The next preferred candidate according to the polls is Barr Ben Etiaba with 19.8%, followed by Sen Andy Ubah with 15%. Also featuring in the poll are Chief George Moghalu with 14% and Dr Amobi Nwokafor with 11%. The statistics show the impact and influence of Okwuosa’s online campaign.

In the month of May, Hon Azuka Okwuosa made waves on the now-banned Twitter with a trending hashtag, “Let’s Fix Anambra.” The hashtag, which appears to be a shortened form of his campaign tagline, “Let’s Fix Anambra Together”, resonated strongly with the Anambra populace. Strong comments were made in support of Okwuosa’s campaign, and amidst several criticisms from naysayers and opposition party loyalists, the voices of the true Anambrarians prevailed. They have embraced Okwuosa and his plans because they believe that the idea of fixing Anambra state is very timely and inspiring. Moreover, it makes a compelling argument that his motives are well thought out and grounded on a healthy desire to see the state flourish.

In recent weeks, Okwuosa has beefed up his campaigns with well-crafted imagery that is helping his supporters and non-supporters see his innate desire for his beloved state. The images he shared on social media have helped Anambrarians develop a mental picture of what Anambra could look like if they decide to stand by him in November. The images portray Anambra as a developed state equipped with world-class infrastructure, effective transportation, agricultural development and breath-taking aesthetics. He has got social media buzzing and caused raised eyebrows in opposition parties.

According to a south-eastern youth leader, Solomon Emenike, the Anambra electorate has high expectations from the next administration. Another online poll revealed areas of major concern to Anambrarians. The poll highlights the areas they expect the government to tackle and in the order of priority expected. 38% of the electorate pointed out security as a priority, 29.4% for infrastructure, 12.3% for employment creation and 20.3% were spread out across agriculture, education, health and environment. Little wonder why Hon Azuka Okwuosa has inspired such followership as these major concerns of Anambrarians fall within the scope of his blueprint.

Okwuosa appears to be the most prominent contender in the online polls in preparation for the November elections. No other aspirant has shown so much strength and effort to help the electorate understand and support his ideologies. His strategies have paid off, and they have earned him the nickname “Mr Let’s Fix Anambra”, another proof that the people believe in him.

Source:- Igbere Tv

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