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Mamman Amadu Asks Lawmakers To Make Laws To Regulate Birth Rate In Nigeria

The Director-General of Bureau Public Procurement (BPP), Mamman Amadu, has asked the National Assembly to make laws to regulate birth.

Amadu said the law should regulate the number of children can be born, in a bid to check population explosion.

The lawmaker said this while appearing before Committee on Finance on Tuesday.

According to the lawmaker, Nigeria’s population was 59 million at independence, now it is over 200 million.

“Our country is young. Just 60 years old and we must do everything to make sure we deliver so that this country can grow and meet the rest of the world. Apart from that, you all know that about the time of our independence, we were about 59 million, today we are about 200 million.

“We must prepare to take care of all these people that we are producing and possibly maybe you will use your legislative powers to reduce the number of children a couple have,” he said.

It would be recalled that the disposed Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi had made a number of suggestion of birth control, particularly in the North.

Source:- Daily Post

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