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Paradise Estate Abuja, Leaving Behind Tales Of Anguish To Subscribers In Abuja

As Shared:

A friend bought a property from Paradise estate abuja 3years ago and paid outrightly.

They’re the sister company of lekki gardens and was being ran by Blessing, Richard Nyong’s sister. Richard is the CEO of lekki gardens, paradise has become quite popular in Abuja but they’re a fraud. A company that doesn’t keep to their words or honour agreements.

They bought into their IDU SABO project and the agreement was for 12months and 15months in cases of force majeure

They were assured of delivery in 2020 July 31 but they failed, approached again, they wrote again to give till December unfailingly, they failed. Paradise estate wrote in Dec again assuring delivery in Feb 2021, they failed again, then they have sent another letter promising Aug 2021 they will fail again without a doubt! The site has been in the same state as it was in Feb 2021. What’s worse is the Mr Romeo (one of their top representative) who use to be the face of paradise in giving word has now resigned.

Paradise estate under the leadership of Richard Nyong is all PR, collect your money and leaving trails of disappointments in Abuja.

Attached is the current state of the said estate and i hope other subscribers will come out to seek accountability because they claimed the estate is sold out

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