Woman Drags Boyfriend To Court For Not Proposing To Her After Eight years Together

An aggrieved woman who has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for eight years has dragged him to court after he failed to pop the big question.

Gertrude Ngoma, 26 and Herbert Salaliki, 28, were together for almost a decade, and even share a child together, but sadly, their relationship turned sour after Herbert failed to follow through on his promise to propose.

Feeling tired and frustrated of her other half’s lack of official commitment, Gertrude decided to take her beau to court and sue him for wasting her time, after he failed to deliver on the happy ever after she was waiting for.

News website Tuko reports that Gertrude felt as though the father of her child was not serious enough about their relationship, despite the fact he had paid the dowry payment to her family, as is the tradition in their native Zambia. He had, however, not yet purchased the engagement ring.

“He has never been serious. That is why I bought him to court because I deserve to know the way forward and our future,” she told the publication.

Defending himself in court, Herbert said the reason he had not yet proposed was because he did not have the financial security to pay for a wedding, and argued that Gertrude had not been a doting partner and had not given him enough attention.

The judge told the couple that reconciliation would be the best outcome for the pair. It’s unclear whether they remain a couple going forward.

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